Kicking off with one of the questions inboxed by a natural sister from my last post “The Big Chop”

Chidinma from (Nigeria)
Hello dear, following closely. I realized my front hair no longer grows ever since i decided to go natural, what could be the cause? any remedy?

Hello chidinma, you may be experiencing what is called ‘traction alopecia’ caused by a lot of pulling from braiding or wig wearing.

-Daily massaging of castor oil on the affected area should help.

We should try as much as possible to be gentle whist styling our hair, the front hair are the most delicate and requires a lot of TLC..
Let your hair breath as often as possible, take it easy on the wigs and braids. Hope this helps you chidinma.

Picking up from “Series 1” The Big Chop

  • Keep your Hair Moisturized 

You may find that your natural hair appears to be drier than your relaxed hair. Natural hair needs moisture and if it feels brittle or hard instead of soft, then you need to work on restoring moisture to your hair.

Doing so helps to prevent potential breakage as your hair grows. The best moisturizer for your hair is water, followed by a sealant such as a light oil, moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to lock in the moisture. Try using a moisturizer where water is the very first ingredient. Keep a small spray bottle handy filled with water, and a light oil such as jojoba, sweet apricot oil, coconut, or almond oil.

  • Know the Porosity of your Hair
    Knowing the porosity of your hair is key in determining the types of products your hair will need. Porosity is simply defined as the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. A simple strand test can help you determine your hair porosity level. Simply drop a strand or two of your natural hair into a cup of water. If the hair immediately sinks under the water you may have high porosity. Hair that sits on top of the water for a minute or so before sinking may be considered as having normal porosity, and hair that sits atop the water and simply will not sink may be low in porosity. Hair with a low porosity repels water and moisture and is also prone to build-up.
  • Learn to Two-Strand Twist
    Even if you don’t know how to braid or style hair, two-strand twists on natural hair can transform into some of the most gorgeous natural hair styles you will ever see! your hair can still be fabulous in styles such as twist-outs, twisted pin-ups, half up/down styles, a frohawk — and there are so many more styling options.

Learning to style your hair can also save you some money from salon visits and help you establishe the confidence you need with your new look.

Keep it locked in sisters as next week l will be sharing tips on how to style your hair and “My weekly/monthly hair routine” 

Keep winning,

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