It’s not mothers day but I choose to celebrate my mum for all the virtues she instilled in me. Growing up as a PK, I always wondered how my mum made several dishes singing joyfully in the kitchen in the midst of heat, smoke and lots of other tasks to be completed. She would cook the family meals, take special individual orders and take care of pastors for conferences. Now, that stirred up a passion in me and as a growing up girl, being the eldest daughter of 6, I would cook the house away with several tasty dishes, singing joyfully like mum would and not remember to reserve a little for myself.

I loved to see the glittering excitement in the eyes of my siblings as they ate merrily and blessed me.
I loved to hear how tasty the meals were and that really motivated me to learn to cook more recipes and to cook more happily. I am now married to a great, awesome and spectacular husband who doesn’t joke with his meals but it has been a piece of cake ‘cos I literally and practically have control over how i fix his foodie desires.

My husband would rarely eat a meal outside the family dinner table and not complain because I am his “perfect chef” (I think I am allowed to brag about that!).

Taking a cue from mum, I’ve come to realize few facts:
– Heat doesn’t kill, it only makes great meals better
– You can only get better when you work at your passion and interests.
– When you make others happy, happy things are storing up for you, like a great husband (lol!)
– Most importantly, family matters!

My mum did a wonderful job with us as
kids. She believed in us, she kept us in check and she made me realise that anything is possible. I love you mum!

The moral here is, Maximise every moment as a family. God has a special plan and purpose for each family member. Whatever stage you’re at, be effective, be loving, be happy and see God’s plans unfold in your life.

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