So how did I write this song?

Few months ago

Recently, I remembered how God delivered myself, sister and Dad from a terrible car accident in June 2003.

My sister and I had just gotten admission into University Of Benin Nigeria. This was a dream come true. We embarked on this journey, Dad was driving us down to School…. We were having a great time with Dad singing, gisting and munching when all of a sudden my Dad lost control of the car. We were on the Lagos Ibadan express way. The brakes had failed and Dad was struggling with the car to regain balance. Next thing you know, we swerved off the road right into a deep forest…. all 3 of us screaming JESUS JESUS JESUS.

Suddenly, we hit a rock which brought the car to a stop. I lost consciousness immediately from impact. However, I could hear my Dad’s voice in my subconsciousness crying and calling on the greatest name on earth “JESUS JESUS help me”.

Yes Jesus did saved us that day. We were close to falling off a cliff. Jesus delivered us from the snare of death. HALLELUJAH

This testimony birthed the song NO OTHER NAME LIKE JESUS

As you release yourself in worship, begin to declare the name JESUS into every situation that seems hopeless, be sure that He will show up. He never fails… He is always there when you call on him.

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. Prov 18:10 kJV

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