Hello lovelies! So sorry I’ve been quite absent, but hey! I’m back. Due to popular demand, I’ll kick off with the series “Let’s talk hair”. I’ll be sharing some useful tips I’ve gathered from my research.

I am very passionate about healthy living because practicing healthy habits boost your chances of a longer life, controlled weight, prevention of many diseases, boost of energy and of course healthy hair. Health truely is Wealth!

Its been a beautiful journey since I decided to go natural. I feel more confident and beautiful wearing my own hair and I carry it with so much pride & grace.


Overtime, I learnt to care for my hair by doing loads of research and watching other natural sisters on Youtube channels.

My focus this week however is on my transitioning process to natural chemical free hair; what the process taught me, the mistakes I made and the products I use to care for my hair.

We can never get enough tips on caring for our hair, so stay tuned, and let’s ride together!

It’s your girl,

Purist Ogboi.

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