Dryness is a problem experienced by many naturals, myself included; getting water in your hair is easy. Keeping it there, not so much. So how do you keep your hair hydrated?

8 Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Moisturised


In my opinion, this is the number one solution to combating dry hair. Deep condition atleast once a week, boosts moisture levels in your hair, making it easier to maintain moisturised hair throughout the rest of the week. If your hair tends to get dry more often, you may have to consider upping your deep conditioning game.


Water is the best moisturiser out there. Get your hair wet in the shower or use water in a spray bottle, working it in thoroughly.

Leave water in your hair for 15 minutes to ensure it completely saturates the hair.


Seal with oils
Now that you have added water to your hair, how do you keep it in? Simple. Apply a barrier over it to stop it from evaporating. The most effective way is to apply oils that do not easily penetrate into the hair shaft over your wet or damp hair. common sealants are:

– castor oil
– almond oil
– jojoba oil


Satin, Satin, Satin!
This is so important in my regimen. The nights I slept without a satin scarf always left me with drier hair the next morning.
After all your hard work, moisturising and sealing, you want to really protect that moisture from being drawn out of your hair. Particularly your ends which are the oldest, most fragile part of your hair.

Wrap your hair with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase when going to bed – cotton pillowcases draw moisture out of our hair and rubbing your hair against them can lead to tangles and breakage.


Tucking hair away in styles like flat twists, bantu knots, roll-pin-tucks and buns keeps moisture in longer. Ever notice how much longer Bantu knots take to dry than twists? Or how the inner parts of large twists are always much softer than the outer?


Yes, I know, you moisturised already but it is important to keep moisture levels up, especially if you have high porosity hair. You can do this by:
– co-washing regularly
– spritzing and sealing
This is where adding oil and a leave-in-conditioner to your spray bottle comes in handy as you can moisturise and seal in one easy step. How often you do this depends on your hair. My hair is very dry and I spritz at least three times a week, if not daily.


Avoid using heat, skip the diffuser, and opt to air dry your styles.
Even indirect heat such as a bonnet dryer, has the potential to rob your hair of moisture leaving it dull and drab.

Studies have shown that using heat to dry your hair, even on a low setting, leaves your hair dryer than it would be if you air dried it. To stretch your hair without heat, use methods such as twisting or braiding, threading or the tension method.


We all know that drinking water helps flush out toxins and keeps our skin hydrated but did you know the 8-glasses-a-day rule also benefits our hair? One of the best ways to help your hair from the inside out is to drink lots of water so keep those glasses topped up for happy hair.

That’s all for now. Till the next post, keep looking beautiful and remain safe in Jesus’ arms. Shalom.

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